March 28, 2019

Poetry in Writing

Timothy David Rey, Poet, Playwright, Performer, and Poet-In Residence with The Poetry Center of Chicago, joins us to discuss his love of poetry and his upcoming Poetry Writing Workshop as part of the Atrocious Poets April 2019 "One City, One Poet" campaign honoring Gwendolyn Brooks. 

April 6, 2019 Poetry Writing Workshop

For this month we are putting out a mini episode featuring Sara Denham from the McHenry County Conservation District, about conservation efforts focused on McHenry County wildlife. 

Atrocious Poets, Jessica Campbell and Dawn Zehr, join us to discuss the National Poetry Month Campaign "One City, One Poet".

Listen in as Kim Compton from the McHenry County Conservation District talks about upcoming programs and stories from around the conservation district. 


October 31, 2017

Once Upon A Cemetery

Join us as we talk with Trudie Dreyer about the history of cemeteries in and around Woodstock.

Listen in as we talk to Mark Greenleaf about the mysterious origins of "The Woodstock Cannon". (Recorded on March 7, 2017) (First Aired on April 1, 2017) 

Learn more about Groundhog Day in Woodstock, Illinois with our guest Pam Moorhouse. (Recorded January 31, 2017) (First Aired on February 1, 2017)

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